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Tipay Payment Link is an online solution for you to receive for your sales without needing the physical machine. In a few clicks you generate the link and share it with your customers via Whatsapp, social networks, sms, email.

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Collection Management

Partner Credit

Prices and Fees

Payment Link, Boleto ou Pix

Bank Billet / PIX


Credit Card*

per transaction

0,89% +

U$ 0,14

U$ 0,50

*ZERO monthly fee or opening fee | Subscriptions | Recurrences | Separate Charges

**Sell 70% in installments and have a rate of 0.89% on cash credit (cashback)

For you or your business.

Complete Digital Account | Collection Management Platform | Payment Methods | PIX, Payment Link and Boletos | Integrated with Credit Platform | Investments | API Integrations


Credit, in partnership, to make your business spin.

Democratic | Affordable | Intelligent

Discover our process


Interactive applications with an easy interface.

Dashboard allows efficient management, enabling a journey with customers with online updates.

Automate functions for managing receivables, subscriptions, marketplaces and one-time collections.


Our transparent checkout allows your customer to pay by PIX, credit card or boleto, thus facilitating the conversion of your sales.

Offer installment options and get better results, receive early.

Digital Account

Full account, for individuals or legal entities.

Open your account in less than 3min.

No analysis in Serasa.

Made for everyone.

Cards (Soon)

Our cards can be virtual or physical.

They are cards that allow online purchases, ideal for those who want to have control and use them for various functions.

Remember, they are also international.

Available 24 hours.

Make your sales anytime.

Better Support

Yes, very safe! We follow the PCI-DSS security standard and a robust anti-fraud system.


Amazing Design

Ease of sending invoices.

Have your checkout personalized with your logo, colors and image of your product/service.

Fast and powerful process

Tipay acts as a payment facilitator or sub-accreditor, in accordance with BACEN Circular 3.886/18. In this way, we can make the receipt via credit card, bank slip or PIX.

Transactions Year



Accounts Created

Volume Moved Year


To use it, you must access the Tipay App or the Web Portal.

It is important to remember that there is no cost to register in the solution.

Register and issue your link now!


◉ Transfers

◉ Virtual and Physical Cards (soon)

◉ Extracts

◉ Payments

◉ Investments (soon)

◉ Rate of 2.89% on Credit on Demand

◉ Or 0.89% with cashback

◉ Flat rate of 3.89% in 12x (30/30)

◉ BRL 2.50 in the Liquidated Boleto

◉ Free Transfers

◉ PIX charge 0.99% or BRL 2.50 fixed

◉ Basic Plan (30/30 days)

◉ Prepayment of Receivables

◉ Rate up to 14.99% in 12x (d1)

◉ App and Dashboard

◉ Digital Account

◉ 30 Transfers

◉ Notifications

◉ API Integration

◉ 24h support

Reduce your business defaults

Prices and Fees

Digital Account

Collection Management

U$ 3,99

U$ 5,99

free account

no monthly fee

Download the app and manage your personal or company finances in a few clicks.

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